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$ and € 680 

Base bundle rate

This is my base rate when I agree on a collab with someone. It includes 20 hours of my work for your brand. "My work for your brand" translates to anything I do that your brand benefits from - including content planning and creation, going through the approval process, researching stuff (e.g. for professional articles or social media posts), having my proofreader nitpick on my grammar (they'll only do that after you agree with it), communicating and consulting with you, etc.

I provide timesheets to all my clients where I log all my time spent on a given project.

If 20 hours aren't enough, let's get in touch and I'll let you know my current availability!

43 $ and € /hour

Hourly rate

Not much to say here.

I apply my hourly rate in two cases:

  1. In case you only need a one-time help from me (localize a website, translate a text, write an article, etc.).

  2. In case we exceed the amount of time I booked for you in the bundle. This will only happen with your previous knowledge, as I will always alert my client in time when there's a danger of surpassing my scheduled hours. 

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